Director's Statement

Director Sam Hull

Life can be a strange voyage. The twists and turns are fascinating, scary, and surprising. NOT DEAD YET has been a wonderful trek into the unknown…

I have directed many forms of entertainment. This however is my first adventure into film. I have approached it as I would any other piece, with my emotions on my sleeve and a creative team to make the visions in my head a reality.

The first time I read the script I could see the lives of these women. It was clear that the frustrations of the characters and the experiences they endured were universal issues. I see women struggle every day to live proudly, all the while silently wanting or needing something more in their lives. It is human nature to seek safety both mentally and physically. But, it’s just as natural for a woman to consciously self-sacrifice for her family.

My research found me reading articles in MORE Magazine, O Magazine and Prevention Magazine. I was intrigued by the editors’ choices of information and their attempts to empower the spirits of the readership. I watched Oprah, The View and the WE channel. I experienced women trying to help other women take ownership of their lives. I spoke with my mother and my aunts. I talked with my women friends who are retired and those that are working beyond their perceived retirement. I revisited research from past plays I had directed like The Children’s Hour and I found that women beyond 40 are unnecessarily invisible to our modern society, some by choice and others due to unspoken and accepted societal expectations that youth somehow equals worth.

As a director, I work from a concept of art as emotion. I find a piece of music, a painting, a dance, something that holds the same life as the script I am working on and fold them together. The last song in the film called Fireflies was the piece that pulled this particular story together for me because it holds the same hope and ambition as the three characters in the script.

I have never felt more at home directing than I did on this project. I was excited about working in a new medium and reveled in the daily tasks. I wasn’t concerned about the rules, but rather capturing the transitions of the characters and finding the pace, the truth and the growth in a wonderful story.

My favorite line in the song Fireflies states “I am not afraid to be forgotten”. If we could all find that inner peace what would our world really look like?