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Home Sweet Home
Portland Production Not Dead Yet films in its own backyard.
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Portland Production Not Dead Yet films in its own backyard


Rhode Island International Film Festival

Not Dead Yet tied for 1st Prize in the Best Feature category at the 2009 Rhode Island International Film Festival.



Baltimore Women's Film Festival

Not Dead Yet was accepted to the Baltimore Women's Film Festival - Friday, October 23, 2009 for their opening night reception in conjunction with the Downtown Women's Initiative.


Viewer Responses

"... a sweet and sensitive movie, the very definition of a chick flick for women of a certain age."

Michael Janusonis, Providence Journal

"'Not Dead Yet,' is one of the most original and emotionally heartfelt films to be released this year. Its strong storyline and exceptional ensemble cast make for a poignant and wholly original experience. It's about time that there was a film that deals with real people facing real life challenging concerns that are not ignored but addressed in such a positive and engaging way. This is a gem of a film that definitely will find an appreciative audience hungry for its message."

George T. Marshall
Executive Director/CEO, Rhode Island International Film Festival

"I just want you know how much I enjoyed your film.  It made me laugh a lot and cry, too.  I could identify with so much that I saw - with being a "good"parent, being a good daughter, a good wife, a good actor, a competent, accomplished, contributing person in society, going through menopause in a world that worships youth.  You hit all the big ones."

Representative Carolyn Tomei
Oregon State Legislature

"The movie was wonderful – lots of good laughs to punctuate the 'drama.'"

Linette True
Delilah's Catering, LLC

"About the script and the entire movie: It kind of grows on you, like a kombucha mushroom. I keep turning the scenes over and over in my mind."

Dr. Tom Jackson
Clinical Associate Producer of Public Health