Not Dead Yet About The Film

A poignant comedy about life, hot flashes and profound re-awakenings.

Three women join forces to revive their acting careers, only to find themselves on a quest for something far more important.  Frustrated by the lack of roles for women over 40, they decide to create their own film, starring themselves.  As the project spins out of control, the result of unwittingly hiring a porno director (David Odgen Stiers), so do their lives.

Jane (Susan Hess Logeais), a former TV actress with failed film ambitions, finds herself under increasing pressure at home to devote all her time to her family. Cindy (Betty Moyer), whose only child recently left for college, is overwhelmed with loneliness as it becomes increasingly apparent that she and her husband have little in common. And Michelle (Sherilyn Lawson), a happily married mother of two, must finally confront the source of a lifetime of deep insecurities: her hyper-critical mother. With their dream of a second act on the verge of collapsing, the three ultimately dare to take a final step so bold it promises to leave audiences cheering.